Whitbourne Estate

The Estate Office

Dial House


Worcester WR6 5SG


01886 821992



The current woodland area managed for commercial timber production is approximately 350 acres.  The woodlands are composed of: mature oak, other broadleaves, conifers, NS/OK mixtures.


The mature oak on the Estate is of high quality – two of the oak woodlands are registered seed stands.   A prime aim of management has been to continue to grow quality oak.  Early restocking with oak used NS as a nurse crop.  More recently oak have been planted in blocks with other hardwoods and/or natural regeneration in between.   Formative pruning of the oak is practised, and restocking is where possible from acorns/seedlings sourced on the Estate.  Whitbourne Estate has won the RFS Excellence in Forestry Award 2013 for Silviculture after judges said they had never before seen oak of such first-class quality.


We deliver seasoned, split oak and ash firewood around the local area.  Orders can be placed online by clicking here.